What is the DreamForge Pre-Incubation Programme?


Teams that produce products to be developed in PC-Console, Mobile, GameTech, and other game development verticals.

The DreamForge Pre-Incubation Programme is an online entrepreneurship programme where we embark on a 6-week intensive journey of incorporation and development with fun and dynamic teams that have completed the prototype stage and set their sails towards the Pre-Alpha stage, aiming to make a breakthrough in the gaming world.

What Will We Do Together?

We will participate in training sessions that unlock the secrets of game entrepreneurship.We will prepare the necessary steps for teams aiming for incorporation to create a systematic structure.We will transform our prototypes into Pre-Alphas.We will participate in many events and expand our network.We will consult with mentors to enhance the quality of our project.We will help our community and reinforce the perception of a supportive community.

What Does the DreamForge
Pre-Incubation Programme Offer?

Training sessions that will elevate your work and skills

Mentors to guide you through any uncertainties

Networking opportunities to help you gain recognition in the gaming ecosystem

Perks from the "StartGate Ecosystem" to make your life easier (AWS, Google For StartUps, ClickUp, Marketing, and many more)

Priority advantage for entry into other StartGate programmes after graduation

Access to the investor pool for projects that have reached the Beta stage after graduation

24/7 access to StartGate Campus

A co-working space where you can be together with the ecosystem

High-speed internet to facilitate your work

Access to meeting rooms for group discussions

A music room for creating your tunes or simply enjoying music

A PodCast and Vlog Studio for your broadcasts

Sleep capsules for resting in the 24/7 active StartGate Campus

A gaming room to experience new games or hold on to your gamer roots

Acoustic meeting cabins for undisturbed personal meetings

Unlimited access to delicious and always fresh coffee and tea

What Does the DreamForge
Pre-Incubation Programme Offer?

  • The team and the project must operate in at least one of the following main verticals of StartGate:
    • Game Development
    • Game Technology Development
    • Game Industry Service Development
  • The founders or founding partners must be over 18 years old.
  • The team must be enthusiastic about entering the gaming industry, ready to tackle the challenging waters of the gaming sea, and consist of at least 2 members.
  • The team must be willing to support you in this challenge and ready and able to meet the performance indicators of StartGate.
  • The team must be able to develop its prototype into a Pre-Alpha within 6 weeks.
  • A fun and explanatory pitch deck is required to describe your team and project.
  • After passing the pre-assessment, you must have the following documents to support your evaluation process and show us that you have thoroughly planned "do you really want to exist in the gaming industry?":
    • Game Design Document
    • Project Development Document
    • Business Strategy Document
    • Market Analysis Document
    • Market Strategy Document
    • Financial Projection Document
  • In the "Introduction Video" section of the application form, a video of a maximum of 3 minutes and not exceeding 250 MB should be added, answering the following questions:
    • Why do you want to enter the gaming world and make your mark?
    • Why do you want to be part of StartGate?
    • Why do you think your game will excite people?
  • The team should align with the culture, values, and goals of StartGate, reinforcing the perception of an inclusive and helpful ecosystem.


The Opportunities Provided by the DreamForge Program

Free Coworking Space


Business Coaching Support

Benefitting from the STARTGATE "Ecosystem Member" Network

Opportunity to Attend StartGate Events

Perk Support


If your prototype is ready and you want to create unique experiences and establish your own game company, apply now and become a part of the supportive community of gamers, the "StartGate Ecosystem"!